A very strong white flour ideal for specialist doughs requiring a very long bulk fermentation. It is ideal for making authentic bagels.



A strong white flour designed for the modern baker and high speed processes in which H M C may be too strong.

Bakers Green Label

This flour is synonomous with the Heygate name for quality. A very consistent flour and always of the highest standard for a 12% bakers flour.


Bakers Patents

A strong bakers flour with a lower extraction rate but with equal strength to Bakers Green Label.

Extra Patents

Our leading patent strong breadmaking flour. It is designed for specialist breads like Viennas and London Bloomers.



A patent flour stronger than Extra Patents.


Above 12% protein and designed to be extensible in gluten.



A strong English breadmaking flour which is blended to result in a competitive product for the modern baker using the latest technology.


A medium strength breadmaking flour designed for no time dough processes. This gives excellent volume on fermented products.


Bakers Straights

A quality flour which works well on high speed processes with the appropriate improver but also gives good performances using traditional methods

French Baguette

Guaranteed to be milled entirely from French wheats in France. It will produce authentic French sticks as only the French can make.



A selected blend of English wheats designed originally for plant bakeries and the Chorleywood Bread Process. It now also leads the way in the production of pastries.

Scone Flour

A patent lower protein flour of excellent colour designed to make scones from scratch.



An untreated patent flour made specifically for bread and puff pastry with an excellent quality of gluten.


A soft English flour milled from quality blended wheats balanced to produce excellent pastries, pies and cakes.



When milled on specialist biscuit mills, this blend of wheat results in a soft flour suited to biscuit, wafers and rusk production.


A culinary flour with a strictly controlled addition of raising agents to be used in sponges, scones and pastry goods.



A flour milled from French wheat in a French style but to UK standards.


A strong European based flour.

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