Heygate Grain


As producers and manufacturers, our knowledge on the subject of wheat is extensive. Each variety has its own individual characteristic and fits specifically into the pocket of flour functionality. Because of the extensive range of flour we produce, we have demand for every variety of wheat grown under the HGCA Recommended List of Varieties.

Due to geography and tradition, we remain strong supporters of British agriculture and will always favour locally sourced wheat in preference to imported substitution whenever possible.

Each flour mill site has its own grain testing facility where farm samples are tested after harvest allowing us to gain a rapid profile of available grain quality each year. The highly geared laboratories also test every delivery into mill prior to final acceptance. Not only are samples tested for quality, but safety as well.

Through Heygate Grain, we offer a wide range of trading format to suit wheat suppliers’ needs. We feel passionate about our business and it is important that our suppliers and our customers feel that we can be relied upon to perform in an appropriate manner in everything we do.

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