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HeyPresto! All Purpose Cake MixRecipe

A mix to produce good quality cake.

Bloomers Recipe

A specialist loaf, born in the heart of London, and identified by its signature shape and cross cuts.  Forget the sliced relation in its plastic bag - this is the real thing.

French Sticks Recipe

Made with authentic French flour sourced from a family miller in France. This flour is essentially like the French artisan baker would use.

Pizza Dough Recipe

A tried and trusted recipe, perfect for either deep pan or thin crust pizzas.  A good quality breadmaking flour is recommeneded and works well with both pizza styles.  Wholemeal flour is an excellent alternative when strongly flavoured toppings are used.

Puff Pastry Recipe

Puff Pastry is formed by layering fat and dough together.  As the fat melts, the resulting steam is trapped in these layers and light, crisp puff pastry is made.

Rustic Rolls Recipe

A special blend of 100% flaked whole grains designed to produce Rustic rolls when made with Rustic improver.