The Heygates Test Bakery


An old mill building hiding a very modern and carefully designed facility.

The Heygate Test Bakery is designed quite simply to do exactly what the artisan baker can do. It contains a host of state of the art equipment, including three types of mixer, a prover, and four ovens – rack, deck, bake-off and pizza.

The bakery is also a fully equipped training facility – where up to one hundred people can sit in comfort and learn about baking specifics, and gain a good knowledge of the Heygate range.

Always readily available are Heygate’s two resident bakers – just aching to get their hands into some dough, to demonstrate the finer points of this traditional craft.

The Heygate Test Bakery. The very best place to start finding out what can be done, and how to do it to perfection.

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