swiss roll 



A blend of maize and wheats milled to produce an ideal short pastry flour that requires minimum resting. The rich golden colour enhances the appearance of the pastry.

Swiss Roll Flour

A low protein cake flour classified for the production of swiss rolls. This is non heat treated to reduce cracking problems.

Malt Crunch®

A blend of malted flours, malted wheat and salt on a strong flour base designed to give a superbly flavoured, nutty-textured brown loaf.


A heat treated flour designed for high ratio cakes and sponges.

Five Seed Blend

A visually appealing combination of brown linseed, golden linseed, sunflower, pumpkin and millet seed.  Packed in ten 2kg sachets, these carefully chosen and blended seeds are an ideal answer for the baker who wants to add character to their bread.


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